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Bosch in India

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Inspiration: Robert Bosch, Founder of Bosch

CSR may be a new term in the corporate lexicon, but it has a long tradition in Bosch worldwide. The concepts of sustainability, responsibility and social welfare have intrinsically been woven into the corporate ethos of the organization since the company’s inception. True to the vision of its founder, Mr. Robert Bosch, the Group has constantly engaged in activities that create a sustainable impact. Through the development of basic and sophisticated solutions, which are directed towards improvement of life, conservation of resources, and upliftment of the less privileged, Bosch has worked ceaselessly towards creating a multiplier effect.

Social Engagement for a Sustainable Future

Over the past several decades, Bosch in India has created a space for itself in the society not just as a technology and innovation pioneer, but also as a company that ‘cares’. Our corporate social responsibility endeavors, known as ‘Bosch India Social Engagement’, aim to make a difference in the communities in which Bosch operates.

Bosch Limited engages in social activities through the following channels: - Bosch Limited, the flagship company of Bosch Group in India, Bosch India Foundation, a social engagement implementation partner of Bosch entities in India and Primavera, a Bosch employee-driven initiative that supports the cause of underprivileged and vulnerable children.

Social Engagement at Bosch Limited

The following thrust areas of Bosch Limited are aimed to resolve specific social and community issues and enable the beneficiaries of these programs to secure a better tomorrow.

CSR: Embedded in Bosch culture

Bosch India’s social engagement is characterized by its dedication to sustainability. The organization is committed to making a positive impact on society by addressing its most relevant needs. Each project or program is designed to create compelling and influential narratives that align with social objectives, with the ultimate goal of improving people’s lives. Bosch ensures that it’s projects not only benefit the beneficiaries and stakeholders but are also sustainable and scalable over time. By concentrating its social responsibility efforts on key areas such as employment enhancing vocational skill development, environmental and water conservation, healthcare, education and integrated community development, Bosch demonstrates its commitment to making a lasting difference to the communities it serves.

Bosch India has a CSR Committee at the board level which oversees implementation of CSR. The Bosch Limited CSR Steering Committee comprising of senior leadership of Bosch reports to the Board CSR Committee. The long-term vision and thematic areas have been identified by these Committees, which also facilitate the provision of appropriate budget support for consolidated social engagement. The Committee guides on improving projects and programs, the sustainability and scalability of interventions and creating synergy to build stronger and enhanced engagement with society. The Committee also encourages active involvement through volunteering by Boschlers to actualize the higher vision of social action on the ground.

CSR Committee Members


Mr. Gopichand Katragadda (Chairperson)
Independent Director

Ms. Hema Ravichandar
Independent Director

Mr. Guruprasad Mudlapur
Managing Director

Mr. Soumitra Bhattacharya
Non-Executive Director


Mr. Guruprasad Mudlapur

Mr. Suresh B R

Mr. Thontesh H B

Mr. Vadiraj Krishnamurthy

Ms. Sakina Baker (Member Secretary)

CSR Department:
There is a dedicated team of full-time professionals at the CSR department who work on planning, implementing, monitoring, improving, and reporting on CSR activities and projects. The team works in close coordination with Bosch India Foundation colleagues based at plant locations, as well as coordinate with a range of external stakeholders including the social sector and the government in ensuring long-term sustainability and impact of the CSR projects undertaken by the company.

Catalog of CSR initiatives across the financial years

Bosch Limited CSR Projects FY2022-23

Bosch Limited CSR Projects FY2021-22

Bosch India Foundation

Primavera was established by a group of 10 individuals from Bosch Germany with the primary objective of assisting underprivileged children living in slums in developing or emerging nations, and providing them with a fresh outlook on life. The core mission of Primavera is to uplift children from the poverty line by focusing on crucial aspects such as education, healthcare, nutritious food, and vocational training.

Primavera commenced operations in India two decades ago through the employees of Robert Bosch. In the country, Primavera is involved in aiding a variety of initiatives such as educational programs, healthcare, and livelihood support for underprivileged children residing in orphanages, refugee camps, residential schools, and day care centers including those with special needs.