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Government School & Anganwadi Infrastructure Development Project and Value Education Programs

Most number of government-school going children come from economically and socially disadvantaged communities. A high rate of school dropout is seen among them before completing higher primary education. The quality of learning achievement is not always entirely satisfactory even in the case of child who completes elementary education. To address the cause, Bosch is on its way to enhance education quality and expanding learning possibilities across multiple rural locations in India. Through strategic partnerships with government schools, we aim to address critical infrastructure shortages, creating motivating and enhanced learning environments that empower students to excel academically and holistically.

To fulfill these needs, we focus on:

  • Establishing 'smart classrooms' equipped with STEM Labs.
  • Constructing toilet blocks and other basic infrastructure necessities.
  • Offering training in soft skills and life skills through a Value Education program.
  • Revamping, upgrading and distribution of basic infrastructure for classrooms.