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Bosch in India

Spark.NXT – 100 years of Bosch In India

Spark.NXT – 100 years of Bosch In India

Reimagining the Future

The number 100 stands for infinite potential. We at Bosch India, have come to look at it as the infinite little sparks that could ignite a revolution of innovation. Combining the best of German engineering & Indian entrepreneurship, the Bosch saga in India began with the setting up of the first agency in 1922.This celebration of our illustrious 100 year-journey is all about looking back at the legacy of excellence and about looking forward at the tremendousness of the future that lies ahead.

Spark. Sustainability. Future

The Bosch Anthem

Every day presents you with the opportunity to rise above the fog of doubts, confusion and chaos to spark the next idea of sustainable innovations. Set your mind to it, and move ahead with conviction, together we are Bosch. The Bosch Anthem is composed and sung by Raghu Dixit. Let this symphony of liveliness resound through your hearts and minds.